Compared to other places with a more tropical or temperate climate, the Yosemite National Park is home to only a few species of amphibians. These are found in the areas that have a more Mediterranean climate. In total, you can find twelve species of amphibians in the park, eleven native and one non-native.

The most common species that you can find in the park is the Pacific tree frog, which can be found throughout the park. During spring, you can easily hear them calling near ponds and meadows in the park.

Then there is the Sierra newt, which can be easily spotted between November and May when the species is migrating to breeding sites. During dry season, these frogs retreat to refuges like burrows and rock fissures.

Other distinctive species of amphibians that you can find around the Yosemite include the Sierra Nevada yellow-legged frog, the Yosemite toad, the nonnative bullfrog, the Hell Hollow slender salamander, the Arboreal salamander and the Mount Lyell Salamander.

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