There are numerous cultural, natural and historic collections in the Yosemite Museum. All the artifacts, specimens and historic records are accessible for research, public enjoyment, and educational purposes. They also aim at preserving these resources for future generations to enjoy and learn from.

The Yosemite Museum boasts one of the largest collections in the National Park System since it holds all natural and cultural resources of Yosemite and its environs. You can view these collections all year round at the Indian Cultural Museum and Museum Gallery. You will also be amazed at the vast archeological materials collected from within the park.

Of all, the ethnographic collection is the most important. In Wawona, you will find wagons and historic vehicles collections. The Yosemite Field School collects zoological specimens while the park itself maintains a large herbarium.

The museum’s Yosemite Research Library contains 10,000 books that discuss Yosemite as well as photos and articles. You can also head to El Portal to check out the Yosemite Archives. These contain NPS records, personal papers, manuscripts, and recordings of histories. While most are in paper form, several collections like the Joseph Dixon collection have been transformed into digital formats.

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