After birds, the largest species of vertebrates that can be found in the park are mammals, with over 90 species of them that call Yosemite their home. However, it is highly advised that you observe all these mammals with caution since they are wild. It is strictly prohibited to feed any animals in the park and they should be viewed from a safe distance.

The most common species of mammals you can find in the park include rodent-like squirrels and chipmunks, mule deer, black bear and coyotes. In the evening, you can spot 17 different species of bats coming out to hunt at night. However, 17 mammals have a special status in the park due to their inclining number, which includes a population of grizzly bears. If you are interested in wildlife watching, the extensive variety of mammal species found in the park is going to be a treat for you to watch and observe.