Featuring a diverse variety of ecosystems, the Yosemite National Park is home to approximately 22 species of reptiles that include snakes, lizards, skinks and turtles. Out of these many species, the most common reptile you can observe in the park is the Sierra fence lizard. The Sierra and San Diego alligator lizards are also extremely common in the park, but you won’t see them much since they prefer hiding under rocks throughout the day.

The only species of turtle that can be found in the park is the Western pond turtle. You can get a glimpse of this across several locations in the northwestern part of the park. On the other hand, the most commonly observed species of snakes in the park is the Gartersnakes, which can be found in various areas of parks. In total, you can find thirteen species of snakes in the park, out of which only the Northern Pacific Rattlesnake is venomous.