Yosemite National Park has been the setting of dramatic plotlines tying different people together. While history books detail the Valley’s discovery by Euro-Americans as early as 1833, there are many stories that have remained oral in nature. Yosemite celebrates these stories every year as they are what shaped it.

One of the stories to know is that of Thomas Hill, an artist who made the natural treasures of Yosemite and the rest of the American West famous. Hill’s studio, which is now a National Park Service visitor center is home to his art and the paintings of other artists who contributed to Yosemite’s history.

Another story revolves around the Bracebridge Dinner, which is an annual Christmas pageant that has been staged since 1927 in the Ahwahnee’s Dining Room. The story behind it is that of the Bracebridge Hall by Washington Irving. The park’s hotel is decorated to look like an old English manor and is filled with food and celebratory songs.

Aside from these, you can always hear stories from Yosemite by attending the park’s Interpretive Programs. While some target children, others are for all ages. The live Yosemite Theater performances in the evening also tell the stories of Yosemite’s people and historical events every visitor should know of.

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