The Whole Package: Yosemite Grand Tour

There’s a grand slam. Also a baby grand. And a grand finale. They’re all pretty impressive. So is the Yosemite Grand Tour. Stack the Valley Floor Tour, the Big Trees Tram Tour, and the Glacier Point Tour on top of one another, and that makes this incredible feast for the eyes, heart, and soul.

From late May to early November, this all day tour takes on Yosemite’s most beloved features in an eight-hour route, selecting the best of the best. Think Half Dome and El Capitan, two of the country’s most iconic big rocks. Think Yosemite and Horsetail Falls, with a terrific peek through Tunnel View at Bridalveil Falls. Think Mariposa Grove, where the Grizzly Giant’s 90-foot circumference and 209-foot high branches show off what an 1,800 year-old sequoia looks like.

Armed with an experienced and knowledgeable tour guide and an air-conditioned motor coach, visitors navigate extraordinary visuals from Nevada, Vernal, and Yosemite Falls with sweeping vistas of the High Sierra in the background. Lunch at the lovely Victorian-styled Wawona Hotel breaks up the continuously stunning landscapes.

Especially good for those without a car, with limited walking mobility, or wanting to see a good overview of Yosemite with notable history and facts to enhance the view, the Yosemite Grand Tour wraps up everything neatly in one package. Reserve a seat or two at any of the tour and activity desks in the park, ensuring a place on the desired day.

This full day experience makes for a grand photo tour as well, stopping at Tunnel View to capture a number of Yosemite’s superstar features in one glance, and at Glacier Point for a peek at its incredible panorama. This tour also lends a great descriptive soundtrack to Yosemite’s epic landscapes, making it one of the best options for seeing it all in one day.

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