Yosemite Glacier Point Tour

Truly spectacular, the view from Yosemite National Park’s Glacier Point suggests a panorama of unbelievable proportion. Add a glowing sunset, or a brilliant night sky, and you have images that will forever deliver astonishing visions of beauty with appreciation for nature’s hand.

A four-hour tour from floor to bliss, the 3,200-foot vertical elevation is easily accessed by vehicle from the Glacier Point Road throughout the summer months. From this lofty perch, one can absorb a sweep of views that scan the falls at Yosemite, Nevada, and Vernal, beautiful throughout the year but particularly flush with spring runoff in April, May, and June. The striking profile of Half Dome posing in front of the High Sierra in the distance forever inspires grand things.

Tours generally can be booked at any of the activity desks throughout the park, or ahead of time online. If your trip spans busy months, reservations are necessary. Departing from Shuttle Stop #8 under Yosemite Lodge at the Falls port cochere, a one way ticket offers the attractive option of hiking back. Soak in the luxurious views along the Panorama or Four Mile Trails on one of Yosemite’s easiest summer hikes.

Winter visitors to Yosemite’s Glacier Point can glide in on cross country skis. The trip is made longer when Glacier Point Road closes for the winter season, extending the tour to 10.5 miles, but again, the quiet season experience is simply magical. Accessible summer trails leading up to the 3,214-foot vantage point allow wheelchair visitors equal viewing opportunity.

Get out the map to plan a route that fits ability and schedule. Available at the Curry Village Mountain Shop, the Yosemite Village Sport Shop, and the Glacier Point Store, a printed version of this incredible land is a generous help for the hike back, as well as a reminder of journeys completed. And, since this most inspirational park often draws visitors back multiple times, any map investments are bound to return their worth on future visits.