Yosemite in Winter

The solitude and serenity of a cross country or snowshoe outing highlights the beauty of Yosemite National Park wrapped in a stunning winter coat. Whether glittering in the daytime sun, or shimmering with moonbeams, this dramatic snowscape, with its peaks, pines, and perches, delivers breathtaking views on an outing that imprints lasting memories...READ MORE

Yosemite Skiing – Who was first in the West? Yosemite’s Badger Pass fired up its ski school in 1928. That’s well before most of today’s mega-resorts were even drawn up on paper. Badger Pass Ski Area continues its unassuming, budget-friendly take on this glamorous sport through a menu of inviting ski and...READ MORE

Ice skating – Winter in Yosemite National Park is already an experience steeped in magic. Add to that the free-wheeling feeling of gliding over the ice beneath Glacier Point with thrilling views of Half Dome and the experience becomes sheer bliss...READ MORE

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